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The following rides are the 22 most recently turned in rides in the last 30 days. If you don't see your ride, it probably hasn't been entered yet. Give it a few days. If you have concerns or it has been over 2 weeks, contact your club ridestats administrator or talk to your ride leader.

50 most recently turned in rides as of 05-09-2021

RideRide TypeRide DateRidersEntry Date
Golden Valley Ride Series: A New RouteModerate05-07-20211005-08-2021
THURSDAY'S THERAPYModerate05-06-2021305-07-2021
St. Boni BoundRelaxed05-06-2021805-06-2021
Medium Monday Morning 2021Moderate05-03-2021705-03-2021
Ride on the West SideModerate05-01-20211205-01-2021
Golden Valley Ride Series: April EditionModerate04-30-20211005-04-2021
St. Boni BoundSelf Paced04-29-2021905-06-2021
St. Boni BoundModerate04-29-2021804-29-2021
Trails of the Northern BurbsRelaxed04-28-2021404-28-2021
Medium Monday Morning 2021Moderate04-26-2021504-26-2021
St. Boni BoundSelf Paced04-23-2021404-29-2021
Ride on the West SideModerate04-21-2021404-21-2021
Tour Duh LakesSelf Paced04-20-2021804-29-2021
St. Boni BoundSelf Paced04-15-2021604-22-2021
Scenes of St Paul VI NeighborhoodsSelf Paced04-11-2021404-27-2021
Around Both Rivers REV due to Trail ClosureSelf Paced04-10-2021304-26-2021
St. Boni BoundSelf Paced04-08-2021404-22-2021
Eden Prairie Pedal PusherSelf Paced04-06-2021604-29-2021
Ease into Biking in South Saint PaulSelf Paced04-05-2021904-17-2021
Scenes of St Paul V NeighborhoodsSelf Paced04-04-2021904-23-2021
St. Boni BoundSelf Paced04-01-2021704-10-2021
St. Croix River CrossingSelf Paced03-25-20211404-11-2021