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The following rides are the 50 most recently turned in rides in the last 30 days. If you don't see your ride, it probably hasn't been entered yet. Give it a few days. If you have concerns or it has been over 2 weeks, contact your club ridestats administrator or talk to your ride leader.

50 most recently turned in rides as of 08-01-2021

RideRide TypeRide DateRidersEntry Date
B-Town BikerModerate07-31-20211408-01-2021
Friday's GV Social RideModerate07-30-20211107-30-2021
St. Boni BoundRelaxed07-29-2021707-29-2021
Round the River RideModerate07-27-20211307-29-2021
Medium Monday Morning 2021Moderate07-26-20211607-26-2021
Hot TamaleModerate07-24-2021807-24-2021
Braemar No Chain Break HillModerate07-23-20211107-26-2021
Potpourri RideRelaxed07-23-20211407-23-2021
THURSDAY'S THERAPY IIModerate07-22-2021707-22-2021
St. Boni BoundRelaxed07-22-2021707-22-2021
St. Boni BoundRelaxed07-22-2021607-28-2021
St. Boni Bound-Self PacedSelf Paced07-22-2021207-29-2021
Hopkins Ride SeriesModerate07-21-20211007-22-2021
Round the River RideModerate07-20-20211807-21-2021
Medium Monday Morning 2021Moderate07-19-20211407-19-2021
Spirit of the Lakes FireworksRelaxed07-17-20211207-18-2021
Fiesta SaturdayModerate07-17-20211107-18-2021
Conclude Your Friday with a Pleasant Bicycle RideModerate07-16-20211407-16-2021
Scenes of St Paul IIModerate07-16-20211007-16-2021
Harriet Island to the swing bridgeRelaxed07-15-2021407-16-2021
St. Boni BoundRelaxed07-15-2021407-16-2021
St. Boni BoundRelaxed07-15-2021607-28-2021
St. Boni Bound-Self PacedSelf Paced07-15-2021507-28-2021
THURSDAY'S THERAPY IIModerate07-15-20211007-15-2021
HOPKINS HIGHBALL IIModerate07-14-2021507-16-2021
round the riverModerate07-13-20211207-14-2021
Biking around Rural Washington CountyBrisk07-13-2021407-13-2021
Medium Monday Morning 2021Moderate07-12-20211407-12-2021
Tour of SaintsOutreach07-11-2021307-11-2021
Grey Cloud IslandBrisk07-10-2021607-10-2021
Harriet Island to the swing bridgeRelaxed07-10-20211407-10-2021
Around the Minnesota/Old Cedar Avenue BridgeModerate07-10-2021807-13-2021
Braemar No Chain Break HillModerate07-09-20211407-11-2021
THURSDAY'S THERAPY IIModerate07-08-20211007-09-2021
Hopkins Ride SeriesModerate07-07-20211107-07-2021
Medium Monday Morning 2021Moderate07-05-20211007-05-2021
Independence Day 2021 Medium RouteModerate07-04-20212607-06-2021
Independence Day 2021 Long RouteModerate07-04-20212907-06-2021
Independence Day 2021 Short RouteRelaxed07-04-20211707-05-2021
Birthday Bash - Easy FridayRelaxed07-02-20211407-03-2021
Birthday Bash - Moderately Paced RideModerate07-02-20212507-06-2021
St. Boni Bound-Self PacedSelf Paced07-01-2021207-15-2021
St. Boni BoundRelaxed07-01-2021507-06-2021
THURSDAY'S THERAPY IIModerate07-01-2021707-03-2021
St. Boni BoundRelaxed06-24-2021607-06-2021
St. Boni Bound-Self PacedSelf Paced06-24-2021207-06-2021
Spring Lake Park Reserve to HastingsSelf Paced06-03-2021607-16-2021
Meandering through EaganSelf Paced05-24-2021807-08-2021
C Falls to Red WingSelf Paced04-30-2021607-11-2021
Scenic StillwaterSelf Paced04-27-2021408-01-2021