Hiawatha Bicycling Club


Current Year Ride Statistics

Most Attended Rides for 2021

Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

RideRide DateRidersType
Scenes of St Paul I03-25-202118Self Paced
St. Croix River Crossing03-25-202114Self Paced
Ride on the West Side05-01-202112Moderate
St. Boni Bound11-01-202010Self Paced
Golden Valley Ride Series: April Edition04-30-202110Moderate
Golden Valley Ride Series: A New Route05-07-202110Moderate
Scenes of St Paul III11-02-202010Self Paced
Scenes of St Paul V Neighborhoods04-04-20219Self Paced
St. Boni Bound04-29-20219Self Paced
Ease into Biking in South Saint Paul04-05-20219Self Paced
Eden Prairie Pedal Pusher11-01-20209Self Paced
St. Boni Bound05-06-20218Relaxed
St. Boni Bound04-29-20218Moderate
Tour Duh Lakes04-20-20218Self Paced
St. Boni Bound04-01-20217Self Paced
Medium Monday Morning 202105-03-20217Moderate
Eden Prairie Pedal Pusher04-06-20216Self Paced
St. Boni Bound04-15-20216Self Paced
M & M Ride rev due to Big River Trl closed11-02-20206Self Paced
Medium Monday Morning 202104-26-20215Moderate
St. Boni Bound04-23-20214Self Paced
Ride on the West Side04-21-20214Moderate
St. Boni Bound04-08-20214Self Paced
Scenes of St Paul VI Neighborhoods04-11-20214Self Paced
Trails of the Northern Burbs04-28-20214Relaxed
SSP Piram Trail01-09-20214Self Paced
Around Both Rivers REV due to Trail Closure04-10-20213Self Paced
THURSDAY'S THERAPY05-06-20213Moderate
St. Boni Bound11-06-20202Self Paced
Waconia Wander II11-05-20202Self Paced