Hiawatha Bicycling Club


Current Year Ride Statistics

Most Attended Rides for 2021

Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

RideRide DateRidersType
Independence Day 2021 Long Route07-04-202129Moderate
Independence Day 2021 Medium Route07-04-202126Moderate
Birthday Bash - Moderately Paced Ride07-02-202125Moderate
The Ride of Doom06-19-202121Moderate
Round the River Ride07-20-202118Moderate
Round the River Ride06-29-202118Moderate
Scenes of St Paul I03-25-202118Self Paced
Independence Day 2021 Short Route07-04-202117Relaxed
Medium Monday Morning 202107-26-202116Moderate
Into the Unknown05-22-202115Moderate
GV Ride Series: A New Route06-25-202115Moderate
Harriet Island to the swing bridge07-10-202114Relaxed
Medium Monday Morning 202107-19-202114Moderate
Medium Monday Morning 202107-12-202114Moderate
Conclude Your Friday with a Pleasant Bicycle Ride07-16-202114Moderate
Braemar No Chain Break Hill07-09-202114Moderate
St. Croix River Crossing03-25-202114Self Paced
Potpourri Ride07-23-202114Relaxed
Birthday Bash - Easy Friday07-02-202114Relaxed
M & M Ride06-16-202113Moderate
Round the River Ride06-22-202113Moderate
Medium Monday Morning 202106-21-202113Moderate
Round the River Ride07-27-202113Moderate
Pho Tau Bay Cultural Horizons06-27-202113Moderate
Medium Monday Morning 202106-28-202113Moderate
Golden Valley Ride Series: The Next Generation05-21-202112Moderate
Blooming Hop05-03-202112Self Paced
Medium Monday Morning 202105-24-202112Moderate
Round the River Ride05-25-202112Moderate
Ride on the West Side05-01-202112Moderate
round the river07-13-202112Moderate
Medium Monday Morning 202106-14-202112Moderate
Spirit of the Lakes Fireworks07-17-202112Relaxed
Hastings to Spring Lake Park Preserve06-22-202112Moderate
Friday's GV Social Ride07-30-202111Moderate
Round the River Ride06-01-202111Moderate
Spring Kick Off Ride: Moderate Pace05-22-202111Moderate
Hopkins Ride Series07-07-202111Moderate
Fiesta Saturday07-17-202111Moderate
Braemar No Chain Break Hill07-23-202111Moderate
Wayzata Art Experience Ride06-26-202111Relaxed
Spring Kick Off Easy 1405-22-202111Relaxed
Scenes of St Paul III11-02-202010Self Paced
Spring Kick Off Easy 1005-22-202110Relaxed
Golden Valley Ride Series: A New Route05-07-202110Moderate
Medium Monday Morning 202107-05-202110Moderate
Scenes of St Paul II07-16-202110Moderate
Medium Monday Morning 202105-17-202110Moderate
THURSDAY'S THERAPY II07-15-202110Moderate
Golden Valley Ride Series: April Edition04-30-202110Moderate