Let's Ride Together!

HBC is once again offering Group Rides, under the following rules:

  • All riders must pre-register for group rides.
  • Ride Leaders will determine the number of riders allowed on their rides.
  • Non-members are welcome but must also pre-register to join group rides.
  • View our safety and etiquette page!

Ride Key:

Type Average Speed Repairs Leader Position
Fast > 15 MPH Riders Help Each Other Anywhere
Brisk 12-15 MPH Riders Help Each Other With the Group
Moderate 10-12 MPH Riders Help Each Other With the Group
Relaxed < 10 MPH Riders Help Each Other With The Group
Mountain Mountain Biking Rides are “riding bicycles off-road often over rough terrain, using mountain biking bikes. Activities include cross-country and trail riding. These rides are for club members and first-time invited guests only and should not include tricks or timing.”
Ambassador rides sponsored by either a charitable organization or a special event ride. The ride leader’s duties are limited to handling the sign up sheet for mileage credit. All riders must sign in at the time of the event to receive credit.
Special for non-riding events that are included on the club calendar. e.g. board meetings, the annual meeting, volunteer banquet, etc.

Ride Leader(s):

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